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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Unmasking Our Children

When NPHET decided to mask school children back in December, the national parents council was inundated with calls from concerned parents asking why their children had to wear masks when it wasn't previously required. It's been over a week since the restrictions have been lifted but children as young as 8 are being told to keep their masks on for hours on end during the school day when the rest of us are not required to. I think it's wrong. When we were at the peak of the pandemic and the hospitals were bursting at the seams we were told that children under the age of 13 didn't need to wear masks but now they do and are subjected to restrictions that adults are not. The mask mandate is due to be reviewed at the end of February but I think we need to review it before that date and bring a smile back to our children's faces. They also need a plan for exiting this pandemic.

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