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Community Initiatives

  • Implementation of a Full-Time Community Clinic that’s open 5 days per week and offers support & advice services to the community.

  • Founder of both Duleek and District Newsletter and Stamullen and District Newsletter, which has a distribution of 5,000. The community newsletters employ five people and are a great platform to share local news amongst the community. 

  • Installation of the Family Sculpture at the entrance to Duleek village – a symbol of family, unity and community.

  • Instrumental in securing the funding for the new development of the Duleek and Bellewstown Community Facility. 

  • Successfully campaigned & project managed the installation of CCTV in the communities of Duleek and Donore. 

  • Implemented traffic calming measures & infrastructure  - road naming and signs, installing traffic lights, allocating parking areas, road structuring measures and footpaths.

  • Achieved funding and installed the disability swing on Station Road, Duleek.

  • Secured funding for the Digital Heritage tour of Duleek.

  • Instrumental in achieving the €480,000 Irish Cement Community Fund, which is available to the surrounding communities in 2020

  • Launched the Clonalvy Revival Programme in 2018. A regeneration project designed to support the rural community and school of Clonalvy.  

Youth Projects

  • Founded the Duleek Youth Revival Programme, encouraging young members to be actively involved in caring for the community and contribute to our Tidy Towns project.

  • Implementation of the Gaisce Programme for young people in the area. Gaisce is a personal development programme that encourages young people between 15-25 to dream big and fulfil their potential.

  • Founded the Duleek Drug-Free Town initiative and “Feel Good Project” with an aim of providing information and creating awareness of the adversities of drug use amongst the youth of our community. A series of mental health and wellness talks are held each week as part of “The Feel Good Project”. 

  • Plans to implement permanent mental health facilities in the area. We have begun fundraising for the counselling services to be made available through our  Walk4Life fundraiser 

Elderly Initiatives

  • Founder of Duleek & District Text Alert service. The biggest community text alert system in County Meath & North East.  A large number of subscribers are elderly. The text alert service covers Kilbride, Curraha, Kilmoon, Ardcath, Clonalvy, Balscadden, Stamullen, Gormanston, Julianstown, Laytown, Bettystown, Colpe Cross, Duleek and Donore and a large number of our subscribers would be older members of the community.     

  • Appointed by Pobal to look after the provision of personal security alarms for the elderly through the Senior Alert Scheme

  • Support and advice clinic to help with applications for social services.



  • Appointed Peace Commissioner by Minister for Justice in 2008.

  • Chairperson of Duleek Revival Programme, responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of Duleek.

  • Member of the Duleek Courthouse Restoration Project, an award-winning project which achieved the full restoration of the iconic Courthouse into a functioning public meeting space.

  • Chairperson of Carranstown Community Fund, a fund for local clubs, community groups and organisations since 2012.

  • Member of Meath Travellers Accommodation Consultative Committee, an accommodation committee for travelling families within the County on issues such as housing and accommodate their needs within a community.

  • Member of Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), responsible for ensuring that local government work effectively to deliver services and development within communities through Leader Funding.

  • Chairperson of the East Border Region 2017, the first Irishwoman to hold this position.

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