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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

The Vaccine Status Certification

This week will be a standout week in national politics and we in this house have a very important role to play. Yesterday I received an email from one of my independent councillor colleagues Gillian Toole who is also a pharmacist and I will share this with you today. The introduction of a vaccine/ testing status certification will not serve any of our Citizens well. You will remember from my previous emails to you, based on my personal experience as a Community Pharmacist, that I urged you to ensure that front-line Health Services were improved & ICU bed numbers increased on a permanent basis, coupled with certified Antigen testing. None of this is happening- WHY? What have you DONE to request this action, much of which is the foundation of the Slaintecare model of Irish healthcare? It is too easy to proceed with the divisive action planned for this coming week, when you could & should "build back [a] better" health service. I could go on but I fear you may stop reading! Suffice to say, given the incessant focus on vaccination & disregard for Antigen-testing & the General Register Office 5 year death-rate figures [ 2018 higher death rate than 2020], one would think that the share price of vaccine-manufacturers is the only goal! We have to live with this virus & any others on the horizon; we have to provide a health service for ALL our citizens [ particularly those who have fallen through the Covid net] & we must do this in an INCLUSIVE environment, not a discriminatory one. I trust you to make the right & truthful choice in the coming days.

I would like to thank Gillian for her contribution here today We really do have important choices to make for the sake of every citizen in this country. ➡️

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