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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

The New National Maternity Hospital

I spoke about the matter of the new National maternity hospital. I highlighted that misinformation is the keyword in this debate. The national media, Taoiseach and some public seem to be of the belief that if we proceed with the relocation of the national maternity hospital to Ellen Park on Saint Vincent site that it will affect the services available to the patients . Where in reality all services that are legal to the country will be provided in the new hospital. I spoke about how it is tragedy that we must go hand-in-hand with services to deny unborn children their lives when we could save their lives. It is fact that the state decisions of the Catholic Church has nothing to do with these decisions of the new hospital. Enough is enough in when beating down the Catholic Church in my opinion. Do you are hospitals in the state need to remove the religious ethos? In my opinion there is no need for the Taoiseach to be wary about this new hospital and its location, we need a new maternity hospital and we don’t need any delay.


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