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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

The Affordable Housing Bill

The topic of housing has never really left the headlines for almost 14 years. How long has Ireland had a housing crisis? How long has Ireland been in its homelessness crisis? How long will it be before the government seek to make effective solutions to these problems? The government has committed themselves to the mission of housing for all and this is the first problem here the mission should be homes for all and the affordable housing bill should have a name change accordingly the fundamental attitude change should be taking place across the board. In this respect supply is the key issue here supply of affordable homes supply. Affordable homes which people have the means to purchase or rent. New planning guidelines issued by the minister bans bulk purchasing of homes houses and duplexes but developers can still bulk purchase apartment. The new owner occupier guarantee measures also do not include apartments. Ireland has a supply issue and by confining our solution to the supply of houses and duplexes we are still confining supply. Ireland needs more homes and the affordable housing bill does not go about supplying these.

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