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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

The Report of the Commission of investigation into Mother and Baby Homes

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I would like to put on the record of the Seanad here today that the stories of the victims and the survivors of this report are going to locked away for 30 years away from the public eye. This conflicts with the government and Fianna Fail's illusion of transparency. Only the victims will have access to their own story and should they wish to share it with the public, the onus is entirely on them.The publication of the report is one stop towards unveiling the deep dark secrets of our past, the past of our families, our society, our nation, our state and the church. Clearly much cruelty was inflicted on the thousands of vulnerable women and children in these institutions.We must reach out to survivors and provide every support system possible. We must help people to heal and rebuild their lives and make reparation for the harm suffered and I will be keeping a close eye on the promises the government are making on redress and will be holding them accountable. Immediate, free, accessible and comprehensive healthcare is a minimum that must be provided. This should to be wholistic and cover any physical, mental or emotional need.Reflecting on the lives of the 9000 women and children that died in these homes in such sad circumstances, I would like to propose a national day of temperance for them on the 1st day of Spring next year.The handling of the investigation and the subsequent reporting process has opened up the wounds of survivors and betraying their trust. There are many issues that need to be urgently addressed regarding the way the commission is treating the survivors and witnesses with their sensitive testimonies to the commission. The deletion of the recording of "lived experience" of survivors is quite frankly appalling, insensitive and even illegal. I have been personally contacted by victims who have repeatedly asked for copies of their testimonies and tapes and have received nothing to date.

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