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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Senator Sharon Keogan - The government needs to do better!

Today I called attention to the problems that have befallen this government in their few weeks in government: - Cancer screening services need to be reinstated now and not in September. The people of Ireland have not stopped getting sick during the pandemic despite the slow down in the provision of healthcare - A recent HIQA report shows that almost 60% of nursing homes inspected by them after having outbreaks of Covid-19 may have had more severe outbreaks because of weak governance and management. The government needs to do better and include those who are living in emergency accommodation, especially those still residing in the Skellig Star direct provision centre. These provision centres are a hotbed for Covid-19. Urging the government to be accountable and step up and be proactive in dealing with these critical issues. The Oireachtas is now heading into summer recess, and I can only hope that this opportunity replenishes your spirits so that the Government can return with a different attitude. The people of Ireland demand more. They deserve more. We are watching you. Please do better.

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