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Senator Sharon Keogan - Living with Covid

I commented on the vaccination programme and the state of progress with it earlier today. I made fair comments about well-publicised flaws and delays in it, as well as talking about the state of the Nation in lockdown. I was talking about the effects of Government and NPHET policy on the people of Ireland, on the vulnerable, those with disability, children missing education, people struggling financially, those in grief. Quite simply, I take a holistic view of the events of the past 13 months. I do not believe it is good public policy to take drastic action without a full evaluation of the costs of such action, including the devastating effect that is having on the lives of people and their health. Some of my colleagues in Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have accused me of personalising the debate. The irony and the hypocrisy: they are the ones that have viciously ganged up and attacked me, repeatedly. Can I not say that I do not have confidence in his management of the crisis? What is personal about that?

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