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Senator Sharon Keogan — 2022 Recap

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I want to recap the year I have had in here. Some of it has been good and some not so good. One of the best things was the coffee morning we had here on 9 March in solidarity with Ukraine. Some 35 ambassadors came in to show solidarity with the Ukrainian ambassador. We raised over €13,000 for the Red Cross that morning. Then we had the surrogacy committee. Although I might not have got a mention here yesterday, I believe I contributed the alternative voice at that committee. It is important to hear other voices in this Chamber and that it is not just an echo chamber for one voice.

I want to remember the Creeslough community. They face one of the toughest Christmases they will ever face. It is their first Christmas since the tragedy. I am thinking of those families this morning and of my colleague, Senator Buttimer, who will not have his dad this year, Senator Fitzpatrick, who will not have her dad, Dermot, and our colleague, Bridget, in the Seanad office, whose brother, Pat, passed away. Remember all of those who have an empty chair at their table this Christmas. We think of them.

I thank Martin, Bridget and all the team in the Seanad Office. They have been spectacular. I thank the ushers, the catering staff and the cleaners. I think I gave Alan Ruane a heart attack when I said in March that we had 35 ambassadors coming. I did not realise there was a massive protocol around that but, thankfully, he obliged. I thank the Library and Research Department for all the briefings they give us. They are fantastic. I thank my staff, Grainne, Mark, Robert and Shauna, the staff in my Duleek office, Caroline and Vani, and my two councillors. They keep the whole show going. It is important we look after our people on the ground. I wish all my colleagues in the Seanad a happy and peaceful Christmas. We look forward to robust and respectful debates, please God, next year.

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