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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Review of Health Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Act 2013

The Minister of Health has only met with abortion supporting groups on this process. The public is entitled to a better than a "pretend" public consultation process which gives the impression of listening to all concerns but in fact is merely a public relations exercise with a predetermined outcome. The Minister must demonstrate by his action that he's not just listening to one side of the debate. The 3 year review must look at Ireland's spiralling abortion rate as a priority and other troubling affects of the new law like the fact that there are no protocols in place for babies who survive late term abortions. 13,243 abortions took place in the first 2 years of the new law coming in to affect in 2019 - 70% increase in 2 years. The review provides the opportunity for the government to review and scrutinise what has happened and what changes are needed. The recent findings from an Amarach report show that 77% of the public support an amendment to the abortion law to ensure that babies who survive late term abortion get medical and palliative care to ensure they are not left to die alone. The government needs to also allow pro life support groups and representatives into to the discussion process instead of shutting them out which is currently the case.

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