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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Reinstating the Oireachtas Covid Committee

This morning I asked for a debate to discuss the reinstatement of the Oireachtas Covid Committee. Covid cases are three times more than they were last year and our dedicated Covid committee which was established to consider and take evidence on the states response to the Covid 19 pandemic has remained disbanded.

The reason for its dissolution is as clear now as it was then. The government found it inconvenient that there should be a forum of parliamentarians to which it should be responsible. The governments plan to deal with Covid 19 (vaccinations and covid passports ) is not working and it needs to change. We need a committee with teeth with the powers to serve its function. NPHET, NIAC and the Minister for Health must all be answerable to the committee and that all decisions made at national level are adequately scrutinised. It's time to reinstate the committee.

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