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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Planning And Development Bill 2021

Today I speak about the planning and development bill 2021. I highlighted what this Important bill seeks to do. I touch on issues and counsellors who have made decisions around the area being unaware of the legislation. I spoke about the putting in place on contingency measures in order to ensure the proper operation of planning process is of the highest priority right now. I believe Ireland was an outlier by shutting down construction sites. I asked the minister to think about offering counsellors independent, legal and planning advice on future plans this is crucially important.Planning and development is simply too important to this country to have the central process under pinning it to anything less than important. I touch on how Meath county council are in the process of drafting its development plans and have had many meetings around this plan. However councillors were not given the full information from these meetings which they may or may not have attended.

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