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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Order of Business Jan 25/1/2022

I welcome the removal of the restrictions but I also ask that we take this opportunity to assess the effectiveness and necessity of each of the government restrictions. This analysis needs to happen this year.We also need to know what personal data is being held by the government in relation to the digital covid passport. How is it being held and how will it be processed and deleted in the future? The same must be asked at the EU level. Not all réponses to the pandemic caused an imposition. The introduction of outdoor dining last summer brought with it great developments to the atmosphere in our towns and villages. I'd like to see that the restaurants and bars are allowed to continue with these outdoor spaces indefinitely.There are also long delays with processing passports and I have been contacted by many hoteliers who are frustrated with the long processing times of visas for skilled workers such as chefs outside the EU. I asked that the relevant Ministers come in to the Seanad to make a statement on these matters.

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