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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Mother and Baby Redress

Yesterday 800 million was allocated to the Mother and Baby scheme and rightly so.

But what have we learned as a nation and are the mistakes of today going to be our horror stories tomorrow?

Last week I was horrified by the national review panel report in to children and young people in state care.

Since 2010 236 deaths have been reported, 56 of these were through suicide. 30 children died in care last year and 7 were through suicide.

One of these who, I knew through the emergency services was in a residential placement home. 6 were in aftercare, 23 young people lived in communities and were known to TUSLA with supported services.

Children need a family unit and a place they can call their home so that they don't end their lives through suicide because they feel unloved and unwanted and so I ask that you consider fostering a child if you can give them a home.

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