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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Mandatory Quarantine

Today I highlighted the use of mandatory hotel quarantine where essential should remain in place, but I discussed a structure, practice and concern of the conditions within the quarantine hotels. I believe foreign travel should be resumed but in a safe way. The most efficient way of doing this is for our emphasis to be placed on a fish and testing and tracing. I believe the focus of international travel and re-entry to state should be on PCR Testing with quarantine hotel is been used only where it is necessary. The woman has a job to make sure inhumane treatment will not occur in these hotels. I say that article 42 on the continuation provides that no individual shall be deprived of their liberty same in accordance with the law these continuation laws are being ignored. The ICCL in their briefing on the issue of quarantine hotels pointed out the effects of a stay in such a hotel not only on the individuals rights of liberty but a private life of the individual. Key issues of these hotels can be lack of fresh air and exercise etc. I do not believe the government has has not done anything to help this issue the emphasis will be placed on furthering the effectiveness on testing and tracing.we must implement these stays cautiously with proper answer scrutiny and only where it is necessary.

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