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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Human Rights Abuses in Canada

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

As a nation, we have always spoken up about injustice and breaches of human rights and I'm surprised there hasn't been discussion about the peaceful protests in Canada that were violently suppressed and dispersed by armed government forces. An officer on horseback trampled over a disabled woman and 200 arrests were made and over 60 vehicles were seized by the state. It sounds like something you would see in Russia or actions we could condemn in Hungary or Poland but it actually happened in the supposedly liberal democracy of Canada and no condemnation has been forthcoming.

The state froze the finances of companies believed to be involved with the protest - these people committed no crime. They were not convicted lawfully in court but the government decided to punish anyway because they might have been connected with a protest that was inconvenient for the government. It was an unprecedented act by the state against its citizens and it should be wrongly condemned. I asked the leader of the Seanad to write to the Canadian Ambassador Nancy Smith and condemn the Canadian government for the overreach that is happening there to its citizens.

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