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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Health( Preservation, Protection & Other Emergencies Act 2020.

I will be voting against the motion of Health( Preservation & Protection & Other Emergencies services in the public interest Act 2020. We are coming up to 2 years of living with Covid and we understand the impact this level of disease is having on our health services. This means you've had ample time to plan, mobilise and put in all the stops to beef up our healthcare system to the necessary levels to deal with this problem. Sweden doubled its ICU capacity to tackle the pandemic. Drastic action was taken when it was needed instead of forcing lockdowns like we did here. They rose to the challenge and protected the people. If our health system is overloaded, it's not the fault of those who chose not to get vaccinated or of children who want to go to school or play sports. The responsibility ends with the Minister for Health.The intention of these laws was not to prolong them as long as necessary but in fact you are prolonging them for as long as possible!! I asked the Minister to review the scientific data on the efficacy of the vaccines and I suggested that he seek a refund on the cost of the vaccines.

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