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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Health & Criminal Justice (Covid19) Amendment Bill (No.2) Bill 2021

The time limited nature of these acts has been stressed so heavily but yet each sunset clause was used in its entirety in every single one for the full amount. When we debated those Minister you stressed that was the last of it. These changes went through the houses without the scrutiny that they should as that wouldn't suit the governments agenda. We are not voting for the continuation of these powers until the end of March, we are extending them until the end of June - let's be honest about that. NPHET and the cabinet can enforce level 5 lockdown at the drop of a hat without consulting the Dail or the Seanad if another variant arises. The sunset clauses in this legislation will lose all future credibility because of the constant changes. They are not worth the paper they are written on. If we look at the global response to Covid. Germany 's new government wants to make vaccinations compulsory whereas Austria new government is lifting the lockdown for everyone except the unvaccinated. The message is simple - get the jab and you'll get your freedom back. The Israeli Health Minister is approving the 4th vaccine shot. It will mean all those with 3 shots will have their vaccine passports revoked if they don't get their 4th shot. Pfizer's CEO has also advised that people will likely need a yearly Covid vaccine. In the week of Omnicron discovery the wealth of Pfizer and Moderna shareholders wealth rose by a combined 9 billion.

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