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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Health Amendment Bill - Not Good Enough

This another piece of governments Covid legislation that's been driven through the house faster than a speeding bullet. Ironically this speeding bullet is 12 months too late. I understand the rationale to expedite legislation in an emergency situation however we do not get the time to scrutinise and debate the legislation assuming the government would even accept a ny amendments of merit. This undermines the constitutional role of the house. This piece if legislation is a perfect example of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted considering 90% of the cases being detected in this country are the British variant yet Britain is omitted from this list for mandatory quarantine. International travel has continued without any meaningful restriction while the people of this country must not travel further than 5km from their home. How is this fair and how does this make sense? The government should be issuing a mandatory quarantine on ALL non essential travel in the country. The people of Ireland have had been confined to restrictions for months and many need to travel to visit family or for health reasons. So I ask Minister Donnelly to do all that he can to expedite the roll out of the vaccine in this country.

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