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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Extension of Part 2 of the Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2021


Today I addressed the Minister For Health in the Seanad whilst also opposing the use of domestic vaccine certificates, and I oppose this motion before the House today - Extension of Part 2 of the Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2021 We were told that this legislation was essential to reopening, it was put through on a government majority, and four months on we have no clear picture of how it is operating; no numbers on compliance officers hired,emergency cessation orders handed out, compliance notices served – there has been no independent assessment of adherence to GDPR by businesses carrying out functions under this Act… and yet, here we are again, trotted in to this chamber to rubber stamp the extension of this outrageous Act, because it’s what the government wants, “just in case”. The rollout of the vaccination has reduced the number of he vaccines have largely succeeded in reducing the hospitalisation rate per thousand,and this is reflected in the planned date of the 22nd of this month for the rollback of covid measures. All of this begs the question, why are we here? Are you expecting ghost of Covid past to return? Let's be clear once and for all and convey a clear message to the public that lockdowns are over and that we will not be dividing society based on vaccination status.

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