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  • Senator Sharon Keogan

Cyber crime in Ireland

Some of the members of this house spoke of the continuous use of or extending the use of vaccine passports & limiting the amount of services that the unvaccinated. If we follow the science on this, it is very clear that having a covid cert does not stop you from carrying the virus, passing on the virus or getting the virus. New evidence this morning says that the efficacy of the 2nd vaccine of Pfizer only lasts 90 days. Millions of people are protesting around the world where they are being forced to take the vaccine against their will and those who refuse are locked out of society. Many people cannot get the vaccination and many choose not to get the vaccination and their freedom to move around to access food and services should not be inhibited. Our people and our nation are suffering, businesses are suffering because of the mismanaged health service once again. There has been a 50% increase in Cyber Crime in 2020 according to a report published recently by Grant Thornton which has cost the Irish economy an estimated 9.6 billion. The attack on the HSE system earlier this year crippled the already struggling Healthcare system. The millions of scam calls, text and emails since the attack should be a concern for us. Has the HSE carried out any damage assessment on what this attack has caused? What data has been leaked and that these findings are made known to the public.

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